1986 “Sistemes Industrials Escale, S.A.” is born to offer facilities for continuous treatment lines for openwidth fabrics. ESCALE begins to offer lines for: Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing.
1989 ESCALE becomes one of the main textile machine builders in Spain
1991 ESCALE launches the first jigger with electric motors, “JIGG-TRONIC”. This meant several technological awards to the brand as well as becoming a benchmark for the rest of the builders.
1993 TVE-ESCALE was born as a result of the collaboration agreement between “Sistemes Industrial Escale S.A.” and the American company, leader in the implementation of vacuum systems, “Textile Vacuum Extractor Co.”
1995 TVE-ESCALE launches the new high-performance washing unit “SHARK-2000” with which it achieves enormous success.
1998 TVE-ESCALE continues its bet with vacuum and submerged suction technologies with the new patented product for impregnations “VAC-BOOSTER”.
1999 The previous successes were followed by the new “TURBO-JIGG” patent, with which TVE-ESCALE once again claimed as a reference in the construction of jiggers and in world leader in suction technology.
2001 TVE-ESCALE sells its first HT Jigger
2004 New causticizing lines for Denim with excellent results achieved.
2008 New jigger model “ECOMATIC” special for the dyeing of delicate fabrics with minimum tension.
2011 After 25 years of experience, TVE-ESCALE Engineering is born to respond to the problems of its customers and offer a wide variety of customized solutions.
2015 TVE-ESCALE launches the new washing unit “ROTOPRESS” for elastic and sensitive fabrics.
2017 New patented line for enzymatic oils washing-off, “OPTIMUS”.
2019 Presentation at the ITMA of Barcelona of the new patented solution for the semi-continuous line for preparation and washing open-width fabrics, “HYDRA”.