Bespoke installations with high efficiency for the pre-treatment and bleaching


Impregnation unit which uses vacuum and submerged suction technology for better penetration of the bath through the fabric fibers.

TVE-ESCALE has developed an advanced technology for preparation and bleaching processing, adapting its extensive knowledge in vacuum and submerged suction technology.

By combining TVE-ESCALE washing units, COMBI® steamer and VAC-BOOSTER® impregnation unit, TVE-ESCALE has achieved the best results in this process, uniform impregnation, maximum flexibility as well as water savings and energy consumption reduction.

TVE-ESCALE offers the market complete lines for:

• Continuous desizing, scouring and bleaching range

• Continuous washing and bleaching range (after a pad-batch desizing process)

Thanks to the flexibility and the company’s technical ability, TVE-ESCALE is able to adapt all its lines for denim to meet the needs and specifications of its clients, providing complete bespoke lines.

Example of Bleaching Installations

Semicontinuous line, with one bleaching stage

Continuous line of desizing and bleaching