Rotopress Washing

High efficiency for sensitive fabrics

Rotopress washing units are formed with two perforated drums made from stainless steel which serve as a support for the fabric. These drums ensure a good fabric feed but also provide a careful advancement of the fabric. These drums have an adjustable drive to ensure minimal controlled fabric tension.

The spray pipes located around the perforated drums ensure effective cleaning with a thin film of water forming around the fabric while it is advancing.

The bath is constantly being recirculated with adjustable pump flow spray pipes. Flow regulation allows us to meet the needs of different tolerances of different fabrics.

• Quality washing effect thanks to perforated drums and recirculation
• Lower water consumption
• Low and controlled tension
• Creaseless fabric feed, even with sensitive fabrics
• Minimum maintenance cost
• A modular system makes the Rotopress adaptable to any installation