Shark Washing

Highest performance combining vacuum and submerged suction technologies

1. A Spray Vacuum Washer at the entrance removes the majority of contaminants from the wash cycle. This reduces the fabric contamination level and reduces the moisture content before it enters to the bath.

2. Two submerged suction tubes inside the washing bath force the water through the fabric. The high-powered flow ensures a much more efficient extraction of contaminants than any other existing wash system

3. When the fabric comes out the bath, it passes to a spray and squeeze section, which at the same time allows the control of the tension and the feed of the fabric.

4. At the exit of the unit is the last Spray Vacuum Washer. This is responsible for the final rinse and to reduce the moisture content of the fabric before drying.



• Productivity increase thanks to vacuum and submerged suction
• Faster drying speed because of the latest vacuum system
• Improved fabric quality • Lower water consumption
• Lower energy consumption
• Space savings
• Shorter payback periods on equipment
• Modular system, adaptable to any installation