Smartex Washing

Efficient washing

The SMARTEX washing unit is constructed of individual chambers with openings at alternate ends which forces the liquid to circulate inside with a “zig-zag”. This counter flow design means that the cleaning liquid flows in the opposite direction to the fabric ensuring maximum cleaning effect.

This circulation methodology coupled with the counter flow technology allows us to obtain an excellent quality wash finish and with a high degree of efficiency.

The numerous models of SMARTEX machines and the modular construction concept mean that the right combination can be found to provide the optimal solution for your needs.

• Individually driven rollers for better feeding of fabric without tension
• Separate chambers to reduce the level of contamination in the water
• Counter flow feeding system for a better bath exchange
• Large diameter rollers to avoid creasing
• Load cells to provide perfect tension control
• Easy access to all mechanical elements
• Minimum maintenance cost
• Low water and energy consumption
• Modular system, adaptable to any installation

Different models suitable for each process