Spray Vacuum Washer

At the entrance of the washing unit the fabric is sprayed with clean (hot or cold) water on the upper face. Vacuum slot is installed underside of the fabric.

In this way sprayed water must pass through the fabric by means of vacuum. The high speed of the air when it passes through the fabric increases the speed of the water which is the vehicle used to remove contaminants form the fibers. The fabric comes out of the vacuum slot with a very low percentage of moisture. In this way, the fabric is ready to absorb the new bath in better conditions.

Spray Vacuum Washer unit is mainly used as accessory for washing improvements between traditional wash boxes. It allows to separate the different baths in each wash box, and also it helps to reduce contamination carried by the wet fabric into the range.


• High washing efficiency by sucking water through the fabric at high speeds
• Total elimination of unfixed contaminants
• Increased productivity due to increased bath exchange between washing units
• High productivity with tight spaces
• Uniform washing throughout fabric width
• Savings in the consumptions of water, taking advantage of it if it works by counterflow
• Modular system adaptable to any installation