Submerged Suction Washing


• Large amounts of bath pass through fabric
• Uniform and deep wash
• Recirculation of the filtered bath
• Maximum performance in the elimination of oils, chemicals and non-boud dyes.
• Space saving for the same washing effect
• Water consumption savings
• Modular system and adaptable to any installation


The power of the water through the fabric

The bath is forced to pass through the fabric twice by means of two submerged suction slots connected to a special high performance centrifugal pump.
The pump suck the water through the fabric and is returned to the wash compartment by means of specially designed diffusers to prevent turbulence.
This recirculation of bath has changed the concept of washing, based on passing the fabric between a bath with chemical agents, for one of more efficient, to pass the bath through the fabric.
The maximum flow that this pump can achieve is 250.000 lts. per hour. The penetration of the bath will vary according to the permeability of each type of fibre (exchange). Also it varies according to the fabric weight and production speed