Hydra Process

The first of HYDRA is the use of a wash box in both directions. This box is high performance for all the technology that TVE ESCALE has managed to incorporate into it.


1. Spray Vacuum Washer at the entrance that eliminates the vast majority of contaminants from the previous wash cycle, reducing the level of contaminants that enter the next bath. In addition the fabric is left with a very low residual humidity that allows a greater exchange of bath.

2. Submerged suction tubes inside the bath that force the pass of water through the fabric. The power of this flow ensures a very efficient level of contaminant extraction.

3. Bath reducers that allow the machine to work with the minimum possible bath.

4. Large diameter perforated drum that ensures good guidance and careful advancement of the fabric.

5. Spray bars located around the perforated drum that guarantee a greater washing effect thanks to the water film that forms around the fabric in its advance.

6. Counterflow principle. (Illustration 1.)

7. Pre-squeezed with a small squeezer.

8. Vacuum equipment that is responsible for making a final rinse and reduce the residual moisture of the fabric to the level that interests us.

9. Final winding without wrinkles and controlling the tension during all time.

10. Reaction chamber with saturated steam and adjustable room temperature.