Ecomatic Jigger

Ideal for dyeing sensitive fabrics with mínimum tension

Ecomatic Technology 

TVE-ESCALE controls the tension in real time thanks to the management of the motor torque. This excellent management of engine torque is the result of the experience being pioneers in this field. This allows the Ecomatic jiggers to work with the minimum tension.

To get to work with the minimum tension throughout the cycle, the Ecomatic jiggers have installed a balanced pendulum controlled by pneumatic cylinder and encoder. This unique technology developed by TVE-ESCALE makes the pendulum constantly move at the precise distance between the roll of fabric and the previous cylinder

  • Servomotors which allow total control over speed, torque and position.
  • Monoblock construction totally in AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • Large doors automatically actuated
  • Direct and indirect steam in the bath
  • Indirect steam at the ceiling
  • Bath recirculation pump
  • Automatic centring equipment
  • Automatic bath level
  • Manual filter (optional)
  • Motorized unloading arm (optional)