Discover the advantages of trusting in the world leader in technology for vacuum equipment

As world leaders and experts in vacuum technology, TVE-ESCALE develops their own equipment and technology.

The factors which distinguish vacuum equipment by TVE-ESCALE from other systems are:

  • The type of vacuum slot; TVE-ESCALE has a large variety of models which allow us to meet the specific needs of each customer.
  • The profile of the vacuum slot; our systems are designed to obtain a correct Venturi effect in order to extract the maximum level of humidity from the fabric.
  • The vacuum slot composition; the vacuum slot is made with a unique high density polymer and is self-lubricated to ensure maximum humidity extraction without causing damage to the fabric structure.
  • The Air/liquid separator; our air/liquid separator is specially designed to provide a maximum efficiency of 99%.
  • The vacuum pump: We use a NASH Pump because of its durability, high performance, low energy consumption and low maintenance.
  • The noise level of the equipment: It runs at less than 80 dB, so it is not required to be isolated in a soundproof area.
  • The automatic seal of the slot in areas where the fabric doesn’t pass.

Vacuum system

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